ARF Western US Regional Convention Elects New Central Committee

ARF Western US Regional Convention Elects New Central Committee

MONTEBELLO (Asbarez)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Western United States convened its 51th Regional Convention on the weekend of June June 17-19 with the participation of 95 delegates and invited guests.

After extensively discussing and assessing the activities of the last two years and the Central Committee’s role in carrying out the decisions of the previous Regional Convention, the meeting specifically highlighted efforts to bring together all the forces in the community to work together on projects and programs to collectively address issues of concern to the Armenian people.

The convention also assessed the organization’s efforts in commemorating the 100th and 101st anniversaries of the Armenian Genocide, assistance to the Syrian-Armenian community, as well as the organization’s response to the escalation of violence against Artsakh, stemming from the April attacks by Azerbaijan. The convention also highlighted the increased activism of the youth, which has played a key role in the wider effort to strengthen Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakhk in its pursuit to advance Armenia’s statehood.

The delegates and convention participants also outlined the course of the ARF Western Region activities for the upcoming two years.

At the conclusion of the Convention on Sunday, a new Central Committee was elected for the upcoming two years, comprised of the following: Daron Der-Khachadourian, Aida Dimejian, Mardig Gaboudian, Razmig Haroun, Garo Ispendjian, Avedik Izmirlian, Caspar Jivalagian, Esq., Dr. Carmen Ohanian, Vache Thomassian, Esq., Levon Kirakossian, Esq., and Koko Topalian.


Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West