Letter: Too Little, too Late

Letter: Too Little, too Late

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt (Photo: tablemag.com)

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, has taken the bold step to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

By issuing such a statement at this time, he obviously intends to try to convince the public that the ADL has always recognized the Armenian Genocide, which is patently false.

He boasts of the 103-year-old record of the ADL, but that record contains irrefutable evidence, not only of the ADL’s refusal to recognize the Armenian Genocide, but of its active attempts to help thwart its recognition by the U.S. Congress.

That stain on its record cannot be eradicated, only atoned for.

Common decency dictates that such detestable actions never again be resorted to.

Yes, indeed! The ADL’s actions come “Too Little, Too Late!”



C.K. Garabed


Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West