Two NKR Servicemen Wounded by Azerbaijani Fire on April 17

STEPANAKERT, NKR (A.W.)—Two Nagorno Karabagh Republic (NKR/Artsakh) Defense Army servicemen were wounded on April 17, according to the NKR Defense Ministry. The Azerbaijani armed forces continued firing various caliber weapons along the NKR Line of Contact (LoC) on the night of April 17-18, violating the ceasefire around 50 times.

On Sun., April 17, two NKR Defense Army servicemen, Erik Matevosyan (b. 1991) and Azad Barsamyan (b. 1996), were wounded when Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire and opened fire on the military positions in the northern section of the LoC.

The Azerbaijani forces also attempted a diversion operation with a 20-person unit in the eastern (Agna) direction. The NKR Defense Army intercepted and blocked the attempt. The Ministry further noted that Azerbaijan fired 82-mm mortars in the northeastern (Martakert) direction.

The NKR Defense Army remains resolute, monitoring the LoC, announced the NKR Defense Ministry in a statement.

Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West