Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (June 11, 2016)

English Proverb

Birds pay equal honors to all men.


Acronym on the Name Iacocca

I AChairman OChrysler Corporation America



For laundresses, the soapstone

For architects, the cornerstone.

For cooks, the puddingstone.

For soldiers, the bloodstone.

For politicians, the blarneystone.

For borrowers, the touchstone.

For policemen, the pavingstone.

For stock brokers, the curbstone.

For burglars, the keystone.

For tourists, the Yellowstone.

For beauties, the peachstone.

For editors, the grindstone.

For motorists, the milestone.

For pedestrians, the tombstone.



Doctors who treat your eyes are called optimists.


Upon Reconsideration

Edo: What’s that you have in your buttonhole?

Bedo: Why, that’s a chrysanthemum.

Edo: It looks like a rose to me.

Edo: No, you’re wrong. It’s chrysanthemum.

Edo: Spell it.

Bedo: K-R-I-S—by golly, that is a rose!



What’s in a Name?

Mikoyan: Armenian in derivation, identified as a proper noun and descriptive term, Miko is the diminutive of Mgrdich, which is defined as Baptist.

Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West