Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (May 7, 2016)

Armenian Proverb

Better to be a wise man’s slave than a fool’s friend.


Thoughts for St. Stephen

Instead of the Puritans landing on Plymouth Rock

(Said Jo Davidson, the delightful sculptor)

How much pleasanter this country would have been

If Plymouth Rock

Had landed on the Puritans.


…Christopher Morley


Cute Palindrome

Ma is as selfless as I am.


From the Trivia File

Vienna, a musical city, is where you can dial a certain number from your telephone and get the pitch A 440 to tune your particular instrument.



The young wise guys hanging out in front of the local ice cream parlor regularly poked fun at the elderly doctor as he rode by in his battered jalopy.

One day the good doctor stopped to address the boys, “Yes, my friends, this car has seen better days, but it’s also fully paid for. If you check with your parents, you’ll find that most of you ain’t.”


Gone Overboard

King Charles II possessed the reputation of being skilled in naval architecture. Being once at Chatham, to view a ship which had just been completed, he asked the famous Killigrew “if he did not think he should make an excellent shipwright?” Killigrew replied that “he always thought His Majesty would have done better at any trade than his own,”


What’s in a Name?

Meshejian: Turkish in derivation, identified as an occupation, meshe is defined as oak or oaken; therefore, a mesheji is one who supplies oak for firewood.


Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West