FAR, AESA Create Innovative Internship Program with Armenia

First Trip to Begin in July

NEW YORK, N.Y.—Venture Armenia, initiated and organized by the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) and the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), will take place from July 16 to 27, and will provide an exciting professional experience limited to a group of 8 to 12 young Armenian-Americans.

The focus of this ambitious project will be networking and forging professional connections in Armenia, for the betterment and further development of the motherland.  In additional to the professional advancement, interns will visit some of Armenia’s most important cultural and historic places, thus experiencing Armenia in a unique manner.

A First-Ever Collaboration

“The collaboration between AESA and FAR is a very specific function together, involving the objectives, and purpose,” said Aram Setian, president emeritus of AESA, New York, New Jersey. The functions include looking at mentoring in the fields of engineering, science, medicine, business, law, education, and other specialty fields.

A number of applicants are currently being interviewed who will be of benefit to themselves, to Armenia, and to the program itself, Setian said, adding that eligible applicants range from the high school level to graduate students.

Specific Functions

The specific function of FAR will be finding the right contacts in Armenia. Each selected intern will receive the exclusive personal one-to-one attention of the chosen mentor.  All arrangements in Armenia will be undertaken by FAR.

AESA will be responsible for finding and selecting the applicants, explained Setian who is currently on the AESA Board of Directors, and proudly related that “AESA’s strength is mentoring and education. We would like to select applicants who will make the most impact. Once the network is established, it will be a great benefit for them, for Armenia and for the future,” he stated again with emphasis.

Ambitious Goals

There are a number of ways that the results of this unique program can be implemented.  This extraordinary professional relationship may result in a job connection in Armenia for six or seven months, with the opening of a business, or in the U.S. Selected interns may choose to find work in Armenia for six or seven months, and even open a business there, or work in their related fields in the U.S.

“This initiative has a broader and possibly more ambitious goal than simply providing networking and business opportunities for young professionals, stated FAR Executive Director Garnik Nanagoulian. “We hope and will strive to open up unique possibilities to all young Diasporan Armenians who are looking to develop sustainable links with their peers in Armenia, and with the homeland itself.”

Venture Armenia, he stressed, “is for those who would like to discover much more possibilities for themselves in the homeland as professionals, as individuals, and as Armenian Americans.”

All interested individuals can visit www.venturearmenia.com, or call (212) 889-5150.

Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-Atlantic