HMADS Gala Dinner Dance: Celebrate at the Social Event of the Season

By Jennifer Chelebi

The annual HMADS Gala Dinner Dance is the highlight of the Friends of HMADS yearly social calendar. It’s a special time to celebrate the start of spring and applaud the accomplishments of our dedicated HMADS staff and flourishing students.

North Hills Country Club in Manhasset, New York, once again sets a lush and vibrant backdrop for an incredible night of dinner and dancing on May 21. We invite you all to join our family and friends for what will surely be an elegant and unforgettable evening with a lively raffle and beautiful music.

The festivities will begin at 7:30 p.m. with a bountiful cocktail hour, followed by a delicious multi-course dinner served at 9 p.m. Dance the night away to the talented vocals provided by international talent, Bartev. An accomplished guitarist and vocalist he has been invited many times to perform in the United States, Canada, Australia, many European countries and homeland Armenia. He has also participated in the Armenian radio hours in Sydney, Paris, New York and Vancouver to share his knowledge and passion in Armenian music. Bartev is the recipient of Ormanyan Medal by Vicar General of the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul in 2014 and Medal of Honor from Hranush Hakobyan, Minister of the Diaspora of Armenia for his dedication to Armenian music.

The Friends Committee has encouraged and coordinated fundraising activities since 1994, with unprecedented support from the greater Armenian community. Attendance at the gala will significantly support the efforts of the Friends Committee and HMADS, thus benefiting the worthwhile cause that is the preservation of Armenian culture through future generations.

For further information about this highly anticipated event, or to find out how to become a part of the Friends of HMADS, contact the school office at (718) 225-4826, Siran Saroyan at (718) 224-0121, or Siragan Varolian at (718) 631-7131.

Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-Atlantic