Homenetmen Scouts Troup 51 Hold Annual ‘Panagoum’ (Photo Series)

Homenetmen Scouts Troup 51 Hold Annual ‘Panagoum’ (Photo Series)

Providence Homenetmen Scouts Troop 51 held their annual Panagoum Camping Trip the weekend of June 17-19 at Camp Buck Hill in Pascoag, R.I. This year, Boston Homenetmen Scouts Troop 290 attended as a joint effort to bring Armenian youth together for a weekend of scouting and fun.

The 50 scouts participated in various activities, including building the flag pole structure, crafting a bonfire, and competing in athletic events. Saturday evening the camp was opened to families and guests for the Yertman Araroghootyoon (Oath Ceremony), a delicious grilled dinner prepared by the Providence Khorhoort and Varchootyoon members, and a cultural and entertaining fireside “Kharougahantes.”

A job well done by the Khmpabeds Narine Taraksian and Alex Ourfalian and the leaders of the Asdijanavoragan and Khmpabedagan Gazm for planning a great Panagoum for the Providence and Boston Homenetmen Scouts. Congratulations kooyrer yev yeghpayrner!

Partzratzir, Partzratzoor,
Providence Homenetmen Varchootyoon yev Scoutagan Khorhoort

Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West