Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (July 9, 2016)

A Modern Aphorism

Self doubt is the most sincere manifestation of humility.


Ryan’s Law

Make three consecutive guesses correctly and you will establish yourself as an expert.


The Promise of Religion

Oh, to be in a state of bliss forever!



Mother’s Day: Nine months after Father’s Day.



In the old days when Dikranagerdtsi women were sitting around discussing adult themes, and a child wandered into the room, one of the women would warn the others to be on guard by uttering the phrase, “Badi vran janj igah” (There’s a fly on the wall.)


From My Persian Dictionary

Chirágh: lamp, light (candle)

Kinár: lap

Dukhtar: lass

Άkhir: last


About Face

Edo: Listen, I was sitting in a theater with my wife when an old girlfriend of mine came to where we were sitting and said “hello.”

Bedo: That’s nothing. I was sitting in a theater with my girlfriend when my wife came over and said “hello.”


What’s in a Name?

Vaniskhian: A variant of Vaneskehyan, which is Armenian (from Hebrew) and Turkish in derivation, and identified as a combination of proper noun and a calling, Vanes is the diminutive of Hovhannes, and kehya or kahya is defined as village head or elder, or steward.

Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West