Talin Suciyan to Speak at NAASR on Armenian Community in Turkey

Talin Suciyan to Speak at NAASR on Armenian Community in Turkey

BELMONT, Mass.—On Wed., April 20, Dr. Talin Suciyan will present a lecture entitled, “The Armenians in Modern Turkey: Post-Genocide Society, Politics, and History,” beginning at 8 p.m., at the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) Center, 395 Concord Ave. in Belmont.

Talin Suciyan (Photo: Lara Aharonian)

After the Armenian Genocide, thousands of Armenians lived and worked in the Turkish state alongside those who had persecuted their communities. Living in the context of pervasive denial, how did Armenians remaining in Turkey record their own history?

The cover of The Armenians in Modern Turkey

In The Armenians in Modern Turkey (I.B. Tauris, 2016), Suciyan explores the life experienced by these Armenian communities as Turkey’s modernization project of the 20th century gathered pace. Suciyan achieves this through analysis of remarkable new primary material: Turkish state archives, minutes of the Armenian National Assembly, a kaleidoscopic series of personal diaries, memoirs and oral histories, various Armenian periodicals such as newspapers, yearbooks, and magazines, as well as statutes and laws that led to the continuing persecution of Armenians.

The first history of its kind, The Armenians in Modern Turkey is a fresh contribution to the history of modern Turkey and the Armenian experience there. As historian Raymond Kevorkian has written, “This study fills a historiographical vacuum. The subjects broached in this book until now constituted a white page, doubtless because the Turkish academic environment was not interested in conducting a study of this nature.”

Talin Suciyan completed her Ph.D. at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, where she is currently an assistant professor at the Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies.

For more information about Suciyan’s talk, contact NAASR by calling (617) 489-1610 or e-mailing hq@naasr.org.
Source: Armenian Weekly Mid-West